Durham White Ash. Plain, Simple and Clean Looking. All these cabinets, doors and solid oak block worktops are made in our own factory and that's why we can offer you this full kitchen at incredibly low cost. Free Delivery and Design and Plan. No gimmicks, no hidden tricks. All of this costs only £995!


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A Message from Kitchens For Sale Oxford

At Kitchens For Sale Oxford we just want to sell the best quality kitchens at the best possible price. We don't make big profits and we keep things simple for the customers.

We manufacture the whole kitchen ourselves and we cut out all the wholesalers, retailers, agents, importers and middle men and bring it direct from us (the manufacturer) to your door (the customer) with absolutely no-one in between. This way, we're able to pass the huge savings on to you.

We're so confident that you will be thrilled with the quality and the price of your new kitchen, that we will bring the kitchen to you before payment. Ask any other kitchen company in the UK to bring you the kitchen to your home, let you inspect the kitchen and check everything and only then do you pay. Only we will do this.

Let us show you how genuine we are.

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